If looks could kill, everyone in view of your torso would be a smoldering corpse

Published On 04/09/2012 Published On 04/09/2012

Buying dress shirts sucks, what with the massive holes left in your wallet, and the smaller, but equally painful holes left in your body after you forget to take all those little pins out. Never shirt-shop again, thanks to Hall&Madden.

With the same bespoke-on-a-budget mindset of their Proper Suit outfit, the Hall&Madden guys now wish to shirt you via a subscription-based model that'll net you three custom buttondowns every four months at only $150 per round, which they can afford by avoiding the middle-man markup (suck on that, Malcolm!). Start by answering seven easy Qs (height, weight, etc), then get fitted by a tailor (or DIY using their online tutorial), plop down your buck-fifty, and... poof, three weeks later, three crisp, new, spread-collared shirts (white, striped, and light blue) will appear on your doorstep, so expect to start getting compliments on how well-dressed your doorstep is almost immediately. After round one covers the basics, subsequent batches give you total customization control, letting you choose between notable Euro fabric mills like Albini and Liberty of London, a bevy of patterns and colors, and accoutrements like collar type, pockets, and presence of "contrast stitching", which ironically won't pop out -- it's very well-constructed.

If you're scared of commitment or feeling trapped by the mountain of glorious shirts raining down upon you, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and you can also then pick it back up whenever, ensuring you never feel too locked in to this hole thing.