Stylish enough to ensure your pocket gets picked

Published On 11/01/2011 Published On 11/01/2011

Crafted by a St. Paul-based former barista who, ironically, couldn't have had much use for a wallet, these clever pocket products are the result of experimentation with myriad colors and "leather swatches", which shows you just how versatile those kitschy Swiss timepieces really are. Spend/stash your cash on/in:

Mustache: Securing the closure of eight cards & folded bills via a robust metal snap, this model's slimness is offset by the thickness of its white mustache, making it the most effective way to put Sam Elliott in your back pocket short of letting him dance with your girlfriend in a late-night diner.

Antlers: This bi-fold has one large pocket for cash and two for credit cards or IDs, though the thing's covered in giant white antlers, so people will already be able to identify you as "awesome".

Woodgrain: With a white woodgrain pattern embroidered on chocolate brown cowhide, this tri-fold closes up "nice and slim", or what Tom Hanks calls "pretty much what I was going for in Cast Away".

Not in the wallet market? Alright, you smug holder of cash 'n plastic: Moto also slings leather iPad sleeves, as well as an array of holders for business cards -- though if you're getting those made for your coffee career, it's probably too little too latte.



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