...will turn you into Tshirterman

Because the three words people say about Plain White T's are generally "not particularly interesting", throw on some rad white tees from local visual artist Workerman instead. When not hand-crafting everything from wood-wrought bike handlebars to Edison-bulbed pendant lights, he churns out cleverly playful, pop-culture-mashing designs, highlighted by:

Where's My Jetpack? Seven first-gen astronauts with "X'd"-out eyes stand in the middle of a giant black X, so you can just imagine how uncomfortable Xzibit is.

Greetings From Vietnam! Inspired by Watchmen, this fella features a massive blue Dr. Manhattan next to a flamethrower-toting Comedian in 'Nam, so apparently his bit about the yogurt/Go-gurt debate doesn't really translate that well.

Tiger Uppercut! Featuring your classic blood-drenched man-eating cartoon cat, this sucker's loosely based on the artist's "second favorite Street Fighter character, Sagat", meaning you were this close to getting a shirt with that sassy Ken, the plain white tease.