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A racecar for your wrist

Because there was never a romantic age of motor boating, recapture the romantic age of motoring with Autodromo, whose sleek watches draw inspiration from "the world of mid-century auto racing", a bygone era you'll have plenty of time to ponder as you check your watch to see how long you've been stuck in modern-day traffic. The inaugural lineup:

The Brescia: Named for the Northern Italian town that marked the start and end of the "fearsome" Mille Miglia race, this number's "the perfect complement to a tailored Italian suit", or at least a decent distraction from a shoddily tailored American one.

The Vallelunga: Inspired by the racing tachometers of late '60s & early '70s Prototype & Grand Prix cars, the minute markers are white from the 6 to 3 positions, red from 3 to 4, and blacked out between 4 and 6, suggesting it was also inspired by happy hours.

The Veloce: The only ticker with actual numerals and a dial calendar, the Veloce's "distinctive redline markings" are modeled after a '60s rev counter, and help it "look fast even when you are stuck in a business meeting", though if you want to get out of it faster, you could always take up motor boating.

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