Because you don't need bling to stand out

Published On 02/29/2012 Published On 02/29/2012

Time may be money, but telling the time shouldn't require all of yours, which is why Be Optimistic and Thankful crafts-to-order super-affordable watches that're comfortable enough in their own minimalist skin to be worn daily, but just custom enough to "become a personal identity mark worn on your hand". So yes, exactly like complementary "SEXY" and "BUTT" knuckle tats, without the stint in prison.

To "capture your own story or memory", hop on the site and select for the steel case, hands, leather strap, and face, setting in motion a production process that begins with the melting of "high grade seal wax", which's hard to come by considering the high demand for "Prayer for the Dying" 45s! pressed with a dial-shaped stamp and allowed to set in a mold.

Once hardened, the wax face & other components are assembled by hand along with Japanese movements, subjected to quality/function tests, then shipped your way for under $100, because, just like with sexy butts, sometimes it's cheaper to watch.



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