Leather watch straps, done your way

The right band can really help a timepiece stand out, especially if that band happens to feature Flavor Flav. Get a custom band for your own wrist-ticker, from David Lane Design.

From a photog who got into the watch strap game when people started admiring one he'd handmade for himself, DLD'll build fully custom jobs using both bridle and vintage military leathers, the latter of which he sources from belts, bags, and ammo pouches, which'll be especially unimpressed by your guns. Once you've selected a base leather type and color (options run from brushed chestnut, to oxblood, to painted French military), you'll get to designate the width and length for both sides, an important option for those who "want extra tail" but can't afford a Rolex to help get it. Next up pick a polished or brushed nickel buckle, one of five stitch patterns, and the thread color, which includes various shades of gray, white, and even a golden tan, to compensate for the ghostly pale wrist underneath.

You can even request a custom inscription, though it's probably wise to avoid any Flavor Flav quotes, as after three seasons of his show, nobody really wants to watch him anymore.