Finally, an artist making useful stuff

Published On 07/12/2011 Published On 07/12/2011

Moving on from a medium you're comfortable in can be difficult, though on the other hand, funnel cake is delicious. For gear from a visual artist who now wants to help you carry stuff, check Draught Dry Goods.

From a Montanan photog/artist, DDG's lineup of handsome, understated bags and wallets mark his first attempt at accessories, and're handmade mostly from canvas and leather that's been "procured in a socially responsible manner", which is only true because cows can't argue the concept of social responsibility. The eclectic collection starts with bags, from a boxy, unbleached white canvas weekender with copper-riveted/buckle-adjusting beige leather straps, to a handful of duffels adorned with intricately detailed cut-and-sewn leather handles, to a waxed canvas Dopp kit with an extra-long strap for hanging, though not for strap-hanging, as toiletries bags have no business riding the subway alone. Pocket goods include a light brown biz card case w/ visible edge stitching, and a canvas-lined strap-closure wallet; even cameras get love in the form of two adjustable leather neck straps, which he's named the Terry, the famous photog, and the Olivier, for renowned 18thC French naturalist and close friend of Fabricius, Guillaume-Antoine! that dude from Othello.

He also offers two leather belts -- the black, 7oz "daily", and the beige, 5oz lightweight -- either of which he'll cut to match to the measurement of your best-fitting current belt, perfect, unless comfort has required you move on from M, to L, to "elastic".