Something for every price point and relationship status

Published On 11/30/2012 Published On 11/30/2012

MapiCases What is it?: A handcrafted, wallet-like leather case for her iPhone 5 that comes in a variety of colors. Use code THRILLIST for 15% through December 31st! How much?: $80
Steph Mantis Trophy Heads Jewelry Rack What is it?: A pine or walnut wall-mount rack with brass figureheads plated in 18k gold or gun metal on which to hang necklaces and other ornamental errata. It might not look like much, but put this thing in front of most any woman, and there will be dog-whistle squealing. How much?: $300
Jonathan Adler Porcelain Smartphone Dock What is it?: A classy, feminine way for women to station their macho mobile devices for charging. It fits most phones but, like the most accurate thermometers, is best suited for those with bottom ports. How much?: $48
Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves What is it?: Fashionable neckwear of which women simply can’t get enough. They’re like elegant Zubaz pants for post-millennial fashionistas, only available in a wider variety of team colors. How much?: $295
Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears What is it?: A set of fake feline ears that, with the help of a clip and sensor, project your emotions to friends, family members, and creepy bar patrons. Free shipping with promo code THRILLIST through 12/31/12! How much?: $99.95
Kate Spade Tech Earmuffs What is it?: Dual-function knit headphones that keep ears warm while they’re being pumped full of Perry. An inline microphone lets her gab between tracks. How much?: $88
UncommonGoods Scratch-Off World Map What is it?: A displayable means for an itinerant friend or coworker to track her travels. At 32” x 23”, it’s large enough to showcase any woman’s worldliness while small enough that she won’t have to take another vacation day to scratch Russia clean. How much?: $24
Instawatch What is it?: A fun, sporty watch available in 14 colors with a face design consisting of whatever photo you upload or steal from Instagram. How much?: $40
Christopher Elbow Chocolates Holiday Luxury Box What is it?: A chocolate orgy, or chorgy: Elbow’s 16-piece holiday collection of chocolates, 12-ounce tins of both peppermint and Venezuelan spice drinking chocolate, peppermint bark, a white nib bar, and a dark peppermint bar. How much?: $85
Vinotemp Wine Bottle Thermometer What is it?: A cheap, surprisingly sophisticated way to ensure the proper temperature for her tempranillo. The heat-sensitive scale is flanked by the appropriate degree ranges for a number of different wines, and snaps onto most bottles smaller than “jug”. How much?: $10
Korres Butter Me Up Body & Lip Butter Collection What is it?: If you can bring yourself to ask for it at Sephora, this omnibus of lardy skin and lip moisturizers will give your woman the epidermal consistency of uncooked pastry dough. How much?: $38
Monserat De Lucca Sabre Skull Ring What is it?: A tastefully savage brass sabretooth tiger skull with a hinged jaw through which a woman pokes her finger to fit. Appropriate for bar mitzvahs and bar fights. How much?: $84
Anthropologie Blue Mercury Capri Jar Candle What It Is: According to the women on staff, “the best candle ever”. If you’re not into citrus fruits and mountain greens, make sure you don’t live with the recipient. How Much: $28
Kris Nations State Pride Necklace What It Is: If she comes from one of the states to be proud of, these necklaces feature charms cut from sheets of recycled metal and overlaid with sterling silver or 14k gold. How Much: $48
Timbuk2 Flow Tote Yoga Bag What Its Is: A vacuous duffel with a flap for accommodating a yoga mat, several internal and external zippered pockets for keys and water bottles, and a huge main compartment that she should be able to yoga herself into for storage after class. How Much: $69
Soireehome Beverage Chilling Spheres What It Is: Stainless steel, mirror-finish globes that cool drinks without diluting them. As long as she doesn’t sell real estate, these are the only balls she should need. How Much: $18 for one, $35 for twins
Lifetherapy Mini MOOD Travel Lotion Set What It Is: Two-ounce bottles of each of Lifetherapy’s five lotion fragrances. They have all of the crap women love, like shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba esters and vitamins E and B5, without paraben, which is apparently a chemical form of upturned toilet seats. How Much: $30
Miriam Salat Pewter Marquis Earrings What It Is: Fancy resin earrings with a cubic zirconia sunburst and cabachon stone dangling from a sterling silver post and a cubic zirconia flower. How Much: $325

Shocking Goat Watch What It Is: Shocking Goat keeps things simple by producing one thing in 18 different colors. If you’re looking for a big gift, gang a half-dozen of these together and you’ll match more clothing combinations than the Oregon Ducks. How Much: $45
FitBit One Wireless Health Tracker What It Is: A device and smartphone app that calculates steps, distances, and calories logged when she’s active, as well as the length and quality of sleep when she’s not. Data is synced with the app to provide informational insights and motivational challenges. How Much: $100
Bliss Spa What is it? Bath and beauty products, as well as spa services for people who take pampering very seriously. How much? Varies depending on what you pick. How much you got?
Leah Ball Cage Necklace What It Is: Five bronze ladder sculptures ringed together and hung on an oxidized sterling silver chain that’s equal parts chunky and elegant. If you can say the same about the recipient, you’ve just made a love connection. How Much: $150



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