Wear your nerdy memories

As an artist, setting your sights on becoming popular can cause you to lose sight of your original inspiration, which explains why the only painting JWOWW's done recently has been on her face. Sticking to his artsy guns no matter the cost, Glen Brogan.

Claiming cartoons are a "far more complex and intriguing art form than most people think", Glen's tees express his belief that the art world is a high school popularity contest, and consist of nerd-tastic riffs on everything from video games to sci-fi flicks, which, when it comes to high school popularity contests, usually guarantee you last place. The 30+ crewnecks are long on Mario, from the man himself picking out an outfit from his wall of costumes, to an Asian-esque print of Bowser riding in his clown-head car, to an oversized Chomp done up like the Obama "Hope" poster, presumably trying to run on a campaign of Chain-ge. The nerdspiration continues with a TMNT job in which each bro is the subject of a famous work by his namesake; the iconic E.T. bike silhouette being ridden by memorable aliens including Alf, Yoda, and Marvin the Martian; and a baby Alien hanging out in a human torso counting down the hours to its "Burst Day", making it the least cute child lisp of all time.

If you really dig his style, he's down to work up just about whatever's floating around in your mind, though in the case of JWOWW that might present the ultimate challenge: visually representing nothing.