... is even Good-er than the last two

The team behind Goodale (our bros at JackThreads' private label line) have declared Fall "the most fun and versatile season" to design duds for, and not just because camouflage Tim Biakabutuka jerseys are making a comeback. Their autumnal debut builds on the muted preppiness of their first two drops, loading up on layer-friendliness a modern Holden Caulfield might wear were he a bit more street-savvy, which means 100% less crying, Holden.Creativity comes through in outerwear including "inside out" zip hoodies whose hidden phone pockets sport built-in headphone ports, and varsity jackets cut from sweater linings, but they've got the basics to back it all up: V- & shawl-necked cardigans, contrast chest-pocketed henleys, and a city-repping graphic tee that won't be half as vulgar as most of the stomachs it covers.Fresh accessories are also in the mix, from ties, belts & hats adorned with Navajo prints, to a folding toiletry kit that can be secured to a towel rack, to a carry-on duffel w/ a handy shoe compartment, something Salinger never needed after pulling a total Biakabutuka and following up his initial success by going nowhere.