A Swedish summer on your body

Designers are notoriously esoteric -- John Galliano once had an entire fashion show dedicated to Chaplin, though considering his anti-Semitic rant, maybe he just really liked that tiny mustache. Going obscure without totally losing their minds: Nikolaj d'Etoiles.

Launched nearly a decade ago as the self-proclaimed "first Swedish high fashion label for men", Nik's just-debuted e-shop is loaded with preptastic garb that, while firmly modern, takes fanciful inspiration from colonial excursions in 1930s Indochina, and their "sensual exploration of the unknown" (or as the colonials themselves called it: raping the land). Rocking straight hems stopping just at the waist, button-downs include the ultra-slim-cut, blue- or red-striped Chagos, the denim Salomon w/ its subtle wing collar and brown leather yoke, and the plaid Uganda, boasting a storm patch on the right shoulder and a "loose yoke", though given your fitness level you won't be very runny. Pants are highlighted by various colors of slim-cut Jamaica chinos, which roll up to reveal a red, white, and blue lining, while shorts play a similar trick on models like the plaid-cuffed, cotton-poly blend Fiji, because while no man is an island, sometimes your nethers can feel very isolated.

There're also plenty of outer layers, including crewneck sweaters, cardigans, and polyester bombers, aka, Galliano in a track suit.