Watches for your wild times

Everyone knows what the hardest part of rollerblading is, but few people are aware that the hardest part of snowboarding is even more gut-wrenching: finding "a timepiece that matches the rest of [your] lifestyle", which is exactly what inspired the dude behind NOVO to draw up, design, and prototype his new line of watches.

WIth brand ambassadors ranging from pro cyclists to MMA fighters, NOVO's three initial designs (each in two colorways) are purportedly intended for those who love doing stuff that raises "the hairs on the back of [their] necks", and eschew a corporate vibe because "the best offices [are] outside, in places where friends gather to push each other", so somebody tell little Billy Martin to bring his TPS report to the playground right after school!

The Absolute: Available in silver or black, the brand's circular logo sits boldly in the center of the Absolute's face, which sports two hands rather than three, both "working hard so you don't have to" (so yeah, these are definitely the dudes you want to talk to about where the best offices are).

The Mayhem: Using hash marks instead of numerals to denote the time, this three-handed job "blends in at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and night clubs alike", or just a really effing killer bar mitzvah.

The Street: "Considered the classiest NOVO watch", the Street loses spinning hands altogether in favor of a revolving disk with numerals on it that "tell the approximate time", meaning the hardest part of life for its bearers is just showing up on time.