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Noose-en up in these

A tie can speak volumes -- classic stripes suggest you're conservative, skinny implies you're hipster, and clip-on says "Welcome to Radioshack, how can I help you?". For ties that tell the world you care about the finer things...and skulls...there's Title of Work.

ToW's a collection of minimalist, hand-sewn neckwear cut from dark-colored premium fabrics (cashmere, wool twill, silk satin...), and adorned with everything from rugged, hand-forged metal accents, to semi-precious stones and crystals, resulting in a "provocative accessory that verges on art object", which is super Man(et)ly.

Steez starts with 36 traditionally cut joints, including black satin-silk-or-Italian-cashmere pieces rocking a thin sterling silver chain drooping just below the knot between beads of onyx; wool ones w/ horizontal stripes of black rock crystals at the tip; and others adorned with hand-cast amulets of sterling silver revolvers, 14-karat gold skulls, and even "metal pigs", making them appropriate to wear on Black Sabbath.

For formal blingage there're 11 pre-tied bow ties sewn-in with details ranging from lines of Swarovski crystal, to black diamonds, to duck amulets, while cufflinks count one set fashioned from a set of sterling silver revolver amulets, and another featuring a skull with a black diamond eye, which you usually only get while skiing.

If you'd rather go traditional there're a few unadorned pieces as well, the wearing of which suggests you are either subtle, or super, super boring.

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