Your wrist'll look handsomer in these

Published On 11/02/2011 Published On 11/02/2011

Because you should look like a Prince when it comes to the Time, the Canadian metalsmith-cum-gemologist behind Wilk Watches hand-crafts each ticker using precious metals, insets 'em with unique patterned faces, and installs exclusively high-qual Swiss guts, as apparently neutrality is a ballsy business. Cover your wrist with:

Tron: A collab with a friend who "writes haikus based upon movies", this black-rubber-strapped job's got an oxidized sterling silver bezel, a recessed glow-in-the-dark dial, and a crystal case laser-engraved with the haiku line "Programs Rule Inside", though to be honest, Lattimer pretty much rules wherever the hell he wants. PLACE AT THE TABLE, WHOOOO!!!

Textiles: With a genuine croc strap and a sterling silver case, the pattern of this joint's copper-plated silver dial is hand-carved to mimic "historic and contemporary textiles and wallpapers", so, um...a floral pattern.

Steel: This dual-dial piece's hour markers are cut from glow-in-the-dark white and black resin, while the back is "skeletonized" (i.e., transparent) to reveal special hand-wind-able Asian guts, as apparently setting up lucrative natural resource contracts with ruthless dictators neutrality is a ballsy business.



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