Look first class even in coach

People like to say it's not the destination but the journey that counts, which is obvious when you consider they produced 18 Top 40 singles, and The Destination is just an upstate NY wedding band. Equally inspired by both halves of the equation: Wisecracker Luggage.From two jetsetting entrepreneurs with luxe goods game roots, Wise's "elegantly portable" top-of-the-line travel gear was influenced by time spent everywhere from the first class cabin to the markets of Marrakesh, aka, coach. Cut from Prada-approved "black pebble" calf leather and micro-twill nylon, the debut Inca collection includes overnight steez like a perfectly flat square-shouldered folding suit bag called the Kato; the Cabine, a rigid rectangular job they consider a "reinvention of a retro unconstructed suitcase"; and the Concourse roller, with a retracting "sword" handle made of Italian aluminum, which only signed on because it was guaranteed it would sleep in the same room with you. Ultra-classic biz trip merch includes the suit-appropriate, one-sleeve Vento backpack, a dual-zip briefcase with handy mesh pockets called the Tarmac, and a magnetic-closing messenger called the JIT, but not the JET, as their messengers keep getting jumped by the SHARKS.Completing the drop's everything from stain-resistant Dopp kits to snap-closing iPad sleeves, a fashionable music accessory that would even impress Steve Perry...Ellis.