Hide + Slick

It's always best to finish what you start, although it can sometimes be tough to remember the buttons to get Kano to rip out Johnny Cage's cold, unfeeling heart. For the gear equivalent of Raiden electrocuting your head off, kind of, pick up some Hide + Slick

H+S's a line of guy-friendly bags and wallets resourcefully crafted from single pieces of domestic leather that're prepped and stitched in a Cape May shop by a group of three friends looking to cut the high costs of quality leather bags, or at least the ones Chris Berman hasn't called dibs on already. Natural hides get set outside for a couple of days so the sun and sea air uniquely age them, before they're brought in and distributed to leather "masters" who cut the skins into patterns, hit them with water-based dyes that produce subtle tone variations, and finally fold and stitch them into shape, also what happens at Kermit the Frog's gym. Goodies include a keychain-cum-credit card wallet (available in brown, midnight blue, or natural tan with a contrasting snapping strap), the "Unifold" twin-pocketed money-keeper, and the beastly, 17"-laptop-toting "Newstracker" messenger, which offers a padded divider and rivet-reinforced pockets, not to be confused with ribbit-reinforced pockets, like Kermit the Frog's jeans

If you're the kind of insane charming gentleman who buys stuff for ladies, H+S's offering some gal-appropriate wallets and cuff bracelets, while future projects will include Shore-friendly canvas/ leather backpacks and beach bags, which should come in handy before too long, now that the temperatures are no longer Liu KangSonya Blade Sub-Zero.