It was a very good year... for looking good as hell.

Contego: Meaning to "cover, shield, protect, and defend" in Latin, Contego's BK cofounders have taken the name game even further with their spring drop...more

Children of Privilege: Being called privileged usually isn't flattering, though frankly, being compared to any show on The CW is kind of messed up. For tees it's OK to have the good fortune to own, check out Children of Privilege...more

CXXVI: Built on a shoestring budget by a team of Strong Island creatives, CXXVI continues to draw inspiration from the eastern shoreline's docks, old shipyards, and general maritime history...more

Olasul: Engineered to the "highest standards" from Peruvian and European fabrics by a Lima-born New Yorker, Olasul's aquatic lifestyle threads aren't "so precious that you can't move, surf, swim, and generally live in them"...more

J. Panther: From an NY dude who cut his teeth at luxe brands while teaching at London's Royal College of Art, J.Panther's just-arrived-in-NYC inaugural luggage collection's comprised of only three painstakingly designed bags...more