An eyeglass co breaks out the shades

Flea markets are great for giving something a second life, though if you're there searching for Ace of Base cassingles you may want to get one for yourself. For shades whose life began at a flea, check out Classic Specs Sunwear.

Started at the Brooklyn Flea by a pair of friends who simply wanted to make prescrip glasses their other friends could wear/afford, this months-old outfit's now doling out everyday shades, plunking amber, evergreen, charcoal & ash lenses into frames constructed by a 140yr-old Italian concern that polishes each set for two weeks to achieve a "very high-end, luxe finish" (hey, having someone who'll polish yours for two weeks before you finish truly is a luxury). Choice shadiness:

1 - The Lazer: Inspired by being a f***ing beast at power ball Marcello Mastroianni films like 8 1/2, this rectangular pair "works well with a vintage sharkskin suit", and probably some other stuff you actually own.

2 - The Joiner: These square, thick-rimmed joints are reminiscent of Hopper in Easy Rider, and promise to bring out your "raw masculinity" whether you opt for black, bone, or Butterscotch Fade, which still isn't as sweet as a hi-top one.

3 - The Beaumont: Harry Potter would be jealous if you rocked these round numbers homaging the founder's grandfather Mauricio and "gentlemen everywhere". Also…Harry Potter.

And in addition to the 8 styles currently avail, 18 more'll be ready by Aug 15th, from the straight-bridged Duke Havana, to the Furman -- if its teardrop look is similar to yours when you can't find "Don't Turn Around", you'll probably always be cassingle yourself.