Tees that have it all

Being called privileged usually isn't flattering, though frankly, being compared to any show on The CW is kind of messed up. For tees it's OK to have the good fortune to own, check out Children of Privilege.Because the current generation has more opportunities than any other, the duo behind COP -- one a money manager and aspiring artist (and what money manager isn't?), the other an excellently chest-haired "internet guru" -- started out making shirts for themselves, but, after "compliment testing", realized they should print their oft-nostalgic designs on the "softest tee money ever bought" and share 'em with all. Each number has its own story, so listen up:

  1. #GFMMR: This money-grubbing look reminds us that while "anything is possible in the Digital Age...you'll never get anything you can't imagine", and conversely, anything you can imagine is probably already posted to P***hub.
  2. Love Is A Mix Tape: Named after the book, this tee harkens back to a time when you could court a woman with "perfectly sequenced 90-minute musical journeys", hopefully resulting in a sloppily executed two-minute one.
  3. Timeless: Dean: The Rebel's part of a ltd-ed series paying homage to "timeless personalities" the duo "never got to know personally", which would seem to make them the opposite of timeless.