Our internet bros' first real-life spot

The first-ever IRL effort from our formerly Internet-only bros at JackThreads, the Pop-Up Truck is a mini men's boutique on wheels parking this Fri/Sat in Manhattan. It's stocked with an exclusive collection of JT's deeply discounted, dude-curated gear, and an even exclusive-er collection of fake facial hairs (think mustaches on sticks), because everyone knows dudes who dress really well need beards

Manned by JT bro-fessionals who'll help you pair fresh spring steez with your desired spring face-carpetry, the truck'll sport five mutton chop-friendly head-to-toe looks, ranging from "Bold All Over Prints" (Di Lascia's Bakery blue checker cardigan, WeSC plaid button-up, Shaved Ice New Era snapback, and a white/gold Dumb Rocket Watch), to safari-inspired "Sun Bleach Neutrals", which'll include tan chinos from J.A.C.H.S., Bed Stu Culture boots in barley, and a rust-colored jacket from Eight Penny Nails, though this look may actually help you nail a dime

Buy any of the gear (including the tan chinos!) and they'll also hook you up with Gillette's new multi-purpose face make-nicer, or you can enter to win all the clothing from one of the looks in the truck by letting 'em take a Polaroid of you modeling your fave beard/'stache/non-connecting Worf goatee

And because dressing rooms in truck boutiques are inelegant, you won't be able to try anything on, but you will be able to just trust the hell out of them on sizing, and score the wearables on any of a handful of iPads with access to their super-secret, Pop-Up Truck-only micro-site featuring all the gear, but not the beer, even though everyone knows that dudes who hit up under-the-radar roving men's boutiques really will need to be beer'd.