J. Panther

When the decision is made to slow things down and focus on quality over quantity, everybody wins. Except your junk. Taking their time to get it right anyways: J. Panther.From an NY dude who cut his teeth at luxe brands while teaching at London's Royal College of Art, J.Panther's just-arrived-in-NYC inaugural luggage collection's comprised of only three painstakingly designed bags, each handcrafted & finished by New England artisans to exacting standards, which follows their credo "designed with integrity, crafted with pride", though too much pride and they'd be J. Lion. Baggage starts with the hip-hanging Aviator, whose oversized-Dopp-kit shape seamlessly incorporates air-friendly touches (removable straps, fold-open access to pen/ iPad/ passport pockets...) and's constructed from either oiled-and-stained grain leather (black or tan), or 21oz canvas that's "highly engineered, lightly waxed", also how Mr. Miyagi likes his cars. More substantial's the understated Perfect Weekender, avail in black or tan leather (with plain trim) and featuring two main zip compartments holding myriad pockets, detachable key strap/luggage tag/shoulder strap, and a design that "meets the current size regulations for carry-on luggage", appropriate, as serious overhead'll help when nabbing one.Rounding it out's the mid-size, lightly waxed, sand canvas Ruc Tote, whose dual handle sets enable it to be carried either like a briefcase, slung over the shoulder, or as a backpack, sadly one of the few three-ways from which your junk doesn't stand to directly benefit.