Burgers, Cuts, and Scotch

Some things are only appropriate at a certain time of day, a fact that can be attested to by anyone who's ever had the embarrassment of sporting morning wood at dinner. For a haircut that changes three times a day, check out Cut & Run at Roy Teeluck.

Because getting a cut is one of the most aggravating schedule-busters in a man's life, renowned stylist RT's catering to the dude crowd by doing double duty in his brand-new '70s inspired loft, fueling you with time-saving, time-of-day appropriate nourishment while you get the best scissoring you've had since you took it as an elective at Wesleyan. Here's how it works:

Morning: Slam your AM caffeine fix into your pre-work cut with an eye-opening choice of Italian-machine-made espresso, cappuccino, or fresh-brewed coffee, and they'll even mix in some booze, though be warned they may start to style the dog's hair too.

Lunch: Kill two birds with one lunch break stone by getting man-groomed while simultaneously stuffing your face with turkey or roast beef sandwiches, grilled cheeses w/ bacon, or a burger and fries, which in this situation hopefully have nothing to do with curlies.

Evening: Get two buzzes for the price of one when you show up apres-work, with everything from wine to Scotch, which you too can cut...with water!

And, should your comestibles prove too much to handle, you can always take it to go, unfortunately not an easy option at dinner when your tent's still up from that morning.