The Lodge

When the rent gets too high, you can fight the landlord, find a new place, or if you're just awesome enough, grow the coolest beard in decades, add in "damn", and run for governor. For the shop of a former Piazza tenant who couldn't grow mutton chops chose the second option, get to The Lodge.From one of the guys behind Fresh Melt Water's retail shop, which shuttered due to skyrocketing rent last fall, The Lodge keeps the cutting edge gear of the old digs while bringing new and vintage housewares/ accessories into a dad's-attic-looking shop space, sporting unfinished lumber latticed across the ceiling and white walls covered in taxidermied heads of bucks and rams, whose mounting's pretty impressive given the weight of a Hemi and those big ol' crew cabs. Stocked apparel includes choice vintage selections like a plaid Lacoste/Izod button-down and a super-retro camo job, plus new stuff like FMW's full winter line, tees from AUF stablemate The Fates, a gray wool jacket from Reason with black and white check lining, and a chambray button-down with plaid cuff detailing from Amongst Friends, although hopefully not Ross. Next up's randomness ranging from sweet Navajo-patterned scarves from Native (X), a tricycle/coffee table and distressed woodwork from Manayunk's Workerman, soaps and candles made from natural glycerine, and O'Clock watches featuring a white analog face with a bold-colored poly band, although not a polygon band, aka, Blitzen Trapezoid.They're also sporting shelves of secondhand knick-knacks (everything from mismatched china to old jewelry and pins) sourced from the dude's mom's attic, old furniture like a mid-century wooden arm chair with broken-in brown cushions, and beyond that, "everything in the shop is for sale" save for the animal heads and the HVAC equipment, presumably because the vent is too damn high.