Onassis Clothing

It's tough to find clothes that're appropriate for both business and pleasure, unless your business is pleasure, in which case you're clearly all about second hands. Helping the more mundanely employed walk that fine line, Onassis Clothing's new e-shop.A preppy gear brand with design teams in both NYC and Tokyo, O's fresh e-commerce shop's peddling their inaugural line of lightweight gear they claim will "transition effortlessly from a day at work to a weekend at sea", endowing you with the dapper sophistication of JFK Jr. What, still too soon? Steez starts with their "cornerstone" of 15 woven b-downs -- from the checkered, slim-fit, spread collar'd Wells in red/blue or navy/white, to four solid colorways of the point-collar'd Nyack oxford and its stylized placket stitching -- all pre-washed in a "proprietary formula for extra softness", though how they got Jacoby Ellsbury's smoothie recipe is a mystery. They've also got a run of lightweight blazers, including the two-button chambray Abbey (light or dark indigo), rocking dual interior pockets and button cuffs; the Linden, with lengthy elastic cuffs and avail in three shades of French terry; and, in three shades of poplin, the notched collar, three-button Levee, any breaking of which falls squarely on you.For those with no business to dress for, there're 20+ tees & polos, plus a trio of goods they've deemed "the essentials": a short-sleeve crewneck, a tank top, and sweatpants, the uniform of choice for those used to giving themselves a hand.