Old school book looks from Brooklyn

People always vow to read the classics they missed in college, but no sooner do they start one than their bro DP shows up with some MD 2020's and four copies of Girls Gone Wild Lake Havasu IV, and you party until, like, 6am. God, DP is legend. Since you're now illiterate, wear it, with tees from Out of Print.

Celebrating "the world's great stories through fashion" by dropping striking cover art from iconic and oft out-of-print books onto fitted, distressed, and softened tees, just-launched OoP's from a couple of well-read pals living in Brooklyn, where they can't make books because apparently there's only one tree growing. The first wave includes the haunting, water color-style jacket from Of Mice and Men's 1937 first edition; a sea-blue Hound of the Baskervilles bearing the initial 1902 UK artwork (a bloodhound's silhouette); the dust jacket from the 1936 first-edition print of Brave New World, rocking an abstract, segmented globe; and L. Ron Hubbard's Final Blackout, featuring a B&W etching of an ominous, gun-toting figure -- give him what he wants, or he'll kill you before you're cleansed of thetans! Others cuts include Moby Dick's breaching white whale; Atlas Shrugged, with railroad tracks leading to a distant tunnel, where hopefully they're taking anyone pompous enough to have read the book; Catch 22, with the promise "read it and you'll never be quite the same again"; and Lolita, featuring a blond girl suggestively consuming a popsicle -- apparently a salacious interest in teenagers wasn't invented by the Internet.

Because they're also well intentioned, Print's partnered up with Books for Africa to send a book to a community in need for every tee you buy, a commendable excuse to buy enough clothes that you never have to undertake another task you failed to accomplish in college: laundry.