Historic A.I. sneaks, from our bros at JackThreads. Get 'em.

In the words of Joey Lawrence, "Hey Blossom, what's the story with your friend Six?" "Whoa!": Reebok's re-releasing the same pair of sneakers that Allen Iverson launched his NBA career in, exactly as they looked in 1996 -- red/white colorway, translucent blue sole, windows into the honeycomb cushioning, and the original, pearlized (read: sparkly) red leather toe cap. Also important: our boys at JackThreads are one of only two places you can nab the sneaks online today.Because this is the first-ever re-release of A.I.'s Question Mid, this one-shot drop's going to be super limited -- so skip practice (practice?!?), and click the link below ASAP. (Also, since we were super bored inspired by the re-release [!], hit the third link for an awesomely Photoshopped pic gallery that explores how different history might've been if everyone had Question Mids on. Even Joey Russo).