High-end, small-batch denim has never been so affordable

Some folks are able to make a lot of money being the little guy in a big guy's world -- just ask Muggsy Bogues, or those damn tree-dwelling elves who’re so rich, they buy townhouses, grind them up, and turn them into crackers. Striving for success with a seriously small operation: Williamsburg Garment Co., now at Sugarcube.The first solo project from a formerly freelance designer, WGC's a workman-inspired denim line based in the Brooklyn hipster haven that cuts American-sourced fabrics into classic looks, and only makes about 100 of each, making them even more rare than a Williamsburg resident who doesn’t own like 30 vintage fedoras from the 1870s and a taxidermied emu. Grab up: The Shirt: Hewn from unwashed 8.75oz raw denim that's durable but not too stiff, this long-sleeved button-down’s styled like a WWII-era naval workshirt, with cool chest pen pockets, reinforced shoulder stitching, and durability-ensuring, looks-awesome-when-it-breaks-in metal piping, so expect Mario to pop out of your collar after collecting 30 or so coins.The Jeans: The just-over-$100 pants are all hewn from 13oz denim that you shouldn't wash for six months, and the first entry is the Grand Street, a slim-fitting raw pair that’ll soon be joined by two selvedge jawns in dark and light washes that can be custom-ordered in any size, in case you're packing a little extra E.L. Pudge.