Plane Clothing

Combining your passions can open up whole new avenues of opportunity -- for example, Tom Ford launched a film career simply by mixing his love of high fashion with his love of hot single men. Damn your smoldering good looks, Colin Firth. Merging what he really digs to bring you actually high fashion, the man behind Plane Clothing. An East Londoner keen to mix his twin loves of photography and design -- and to get something positive out of living very near a flight path -- Plane's founder grabs snaps of flying machines & other everyday things, then turns them into boldly coloured silhouettes and slaps them onto sweats, tees & hoodies, though maybe if people slapped those more often they'd turn into upstanding citizens. Extremely literal tees start off with All Over Planes (variously sized jumbos that gradually fade from white to blue); Kick, with 15 alternate yellow/blue frames depicting the designer himself booting a football; and Lamp, taken from a shot of a reclaimed classic Anglepoise, which British car designer George Carwardine modeled after a suspension system -- as in "I am suspending my disbelief that I turned out to be a car designer named Carwardine". Meanwhile, Armplanes depicts a dozen small yellow metal birds making their way over the shoulder and down the sleeve of a dark blue hoodie, while Sunrise has black trees and red bars emanating from a plane on the front of a grey sweat, and, on distressed black sweats, Wallpaper features ornate blue William Morris-inspired...wallpaper, a really fun way for you to be so boring at parties, nobody even knows you're there. He's also put together an engineering-inspired collab with our very own Science Museum, yielding accessories like bicycle-covered notepads & bags; and there's a just-launched womenswear line, because the more stuff you buy her, the less likely your not being one of her passions will lead to you being a single man too.