Proving there are second acts in great American wallets

Staging a comeback can often be a difficult proposition, especially if you're LL Cool J and have spent most of your time trying to figure out what the hell to call it. For fresh wallets from a dude who hasn't been here for years, the (likely) return of db clay.

Hopefully aided by sufficient Kickstarter funding, db's re-launching with a brand-new line of badass billfoldment after a three-year absence brought about when the maker of the visually striking wallets hit the rocks of the global financial crisis, suffered bankruptcy/ unemployment/ foreclosure, and "went down in a big ball of flames", which historically can only be countered by a Winnipeg White Out. Originally made of duct tape back in the day, db's constructions have now evolved to custom-engineered waterproof textile tape called Tope, which's bent into the new LINE 0.0 minimalist one-fold design with four ID/c-card/ money pockets and rounded edges to avoid wearing holes in your denim, because it's much smarter to just pay a designer a couple hundred bucks to do that for you. Outsides're all fresh graphics, including a signature florid diamond pattern embossed for the first time on black leather, and printed Tope goodness like "TRIBUTE" with its tangled colorful mess of art supplies, stacks of shining gold bricks in (quite sensibly) "Silver", and "NICE" featuring both an angry blue bear and a placid brown one, although quite frankly, the whole thing's a little bi-Polar.

Procuring a new db cash carrier's as simple as donating to the Kickstarter campaign, which also acts as a pre-order to be filled when the donation goal is met, so the maker and any potential buyers are certainly hoping he turns out to be a phenomenon, or at least something like it.