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They say if you want something done right, do it yourself, which is probably why so many things are done wrong. For wardrobe essentials that come correct: Columbiaknit for Winn Perry

A line of casual shirts based on classic American sportswear, C-knit was born when the men's goods curator behind Winn Perry contacted Portland's only remaining cotton mill to see if their prowess in constructing rugby jerseys could be turned towards daily-use gear, because quality aside, sometimes you just don't feel like dressing like a Hooker. Basic short-sleeve tees include v-necks and pocketed & pocket-less crewnecks in simple black, blue, grey, or navy, all constructed from pre-washed 7.5oz cotton jersey fabric and cover-stitched to maintain shape and longevity, avoiding "superfluous or unnecessary" embellishments, though a sequined dragon with a dagger in its teeth is Hard(l)y "unnecessary". C-knit's also rocking long-sleeves in the form of a crossneck crew (like a crew/v hybrid) made from 8.5oz terry, and an even heavier (9.5oz) sweatshirt constructed on a refurbished antique machine specifically designed to create a flat seam from two abutted fabric pieces, a technique you'd think'd be commonly used on the ass-cot

C-knit plans on bringing more vintage-style sportswear to the market, but also hopes to expand color choices to their core products in the near future, helping out do-it-yourself-minded customers who are so inept, they can't even dye properly.