Quality's in the bag

Just when you thought chrome was only what Xzibit will gleefully slap all over your run-down 1986 LeBaron, you realize it's also a San Francisco-based bag-maker and biker-outfitter that just opened a SW Downtown shop selling everything you need to pimp yourself, before taking a ride. Said things that you need

Bags: Displayed on an awesome laundromat-style carousel snaking up the wall, crazy-durable, customizable messengers and backpacks feature seatbelt-buckle-equipped straps and laptop pockets. Styles range from the High Life-emblazoned Miller Citizen, to the massive Ivan Rolltop (only Sean Connery can buy the Crazy Ivan Rolltop) with a fully waterproof compartment that can hold about 18 of those High Lifes and some ice.

Kicks: Whether it's a handful with slyly concealed clipless-pedal cleats, or their range of high-, low-, and midtops with skid-resistant rubber soles for extra pedal-grip, all of Chrome's super-stylish shoes look like they weren't made specifically for biking, including the slick Midway Pro, also the kid who knew how to unlock Bill/George Clinton on NBA Jam

Other Gear: In case you're crazy and bike while not-naked, Chrome goes beyond bags and shoes with tees, fleece hoodies, belt buckles rocking Chrome's trademark griffin, and wind jackets, which you'll need once Xzibit turns your Pathfinder into a fully functioning Hollywood-spec wind machine because you told him you liked Twister.

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