Wear your PDX love on your chest

… And when the Pioneers did emerge from the desert and into the rainy Willamette Valley, they bore with them only 200lbs of buffalo meat, three children stricken with dysentery, 400 bullets, a wagon tongue, and, somehow, an undeniable freshness

While the meat has spoiled, said freshness remains, as evidenced by Pacific Northfresh, a lil'-bit-of-everything shop run by Oregon Trail-er descendents who display rusted axes and other trail artifacts, and peddle Pac-NW-only threads, art, accessories, and snacks

Pacific Norththreads: PDX love includes tees, crewnecks, flannel hats, and hoodies emblazoned with Portland-based prints, including a "PORT LAND" take on RUN DMC's logo, "The Rose City" hoops jerseys, and a tee with a bold "Will Lamb It" on the front, which will hilariously confuse tourists seeking the 24hr Church of Elvis even more than they usually are

Pacific Not-Threads: You can also snag prints depicting abstract drawings of our bridges and fixies, planters handmade from foraged wood, and one-of-a-kind tables by artist AD Busch, who also uses recycled tree-bits to create pedestals he calls "Logs" -- something those poor children on the Trail never produced again after the dysentery struck.