Have a Couple Belts in the Middle of the Day

While selling online has obvious advantages, having a physical storefront can let you connect with your customers and put your wares right in their hands, or their purses, if Winona Rider comes in. From a couple ladies throwing a roof over their vintage wearables: Half Pint.

Formerly peddling patina'd goods on eBay, the partners behind Half just opened a neighborhood shop rocking a nicely curated, heavily leathered selection of dude's boots, bags, belts, and more that've been "cared for and saved, not just dumped when the owner tired of it", so basically, they're not selling Key Arena. A breakdown of the broken-in:

Boots 'n Shoes: Badass shiz-kickers include a pair of eagle-emblazoned Beck-meets-Butch Cassidy jobs, and on the shoe side, some Roger Sterling-worthy wingtips with a leather sole, also what Chris Berman calls "my sweet, sweet sexing music".

Bags: A selection of satchels include a circa-'70s patchwork-ish denim 'n leather messenger bag, or an intricate doctor's bag spookily featuring either a depiction of the Mayan calendar, or the end of Cusak's career, it's unclear which.

Belts: Half's waist-wrappers include a Bud-logo embossed jam with an incongruous Trans-Canadian Railway buckle, and a braided leather number with a buckle touting the National Donkey Races, which you can show the cops when your ass gets caught speeding.

For the more utilitarian gent, Half also carries a selection of external frame rucksacks and some beautifully tooled leather wallets, including one sporting a colorful rendition of a cross beside praying hands, which Winona will be doing herself while confessing...that she's like, totally awesome at stealing stuff!