Way better than wearing your Grandad's pants

Published On 09/12/2011 Published On 09/12/2011

Bringing PDX verve to its just-dropped Portland Collection chock-fulla urban-homesteader outerwear, shirts, and pants in throwback patterns, heritage Oregon brand Pendleton drew on the vintage-hip skills of three young local designers/ friends, one of whom once worked as a stylist for the Decemberists, although they were relatively easy to dress, considering they're Always the Bridesmaid. The freshness:

Outerwear: The PC offers cool-weather gear like a thigh-length wool Ranch coat with removable shearling collar (featuring a loomed Native American pattern modified from a 1923 Pendleton design), while the longer, belted, knee-length Raglan trench sports colors from muted red plaid to camel, and's made to be a "shared piece", meaning it's 100% likely your girl will jacket.

Shirts and Cardigans: Two styles of button-downs compete for glory, including a relaxed-fit Hunting Shirt that sports a unique dual pocket, which is nicely complemented by the funky triangle patterns of the Arrow Cardigan, which is what Robin Hood wore while stealing from the preppy, and giving to the also-preppy-but-slightly-poorer.

Trousers: Available in a wild burnt umber throwback plaid, these guys rock a basic flat-front design with a slim-yet-not-tight profile, which delivers a relaxed feel thanks to Pendleton's recyclable/compostable Eco-Wise wool, which mercifully just replaced the kid with the power of heart and that monkey on Captain Planet.

The PC crew also turned out accessories and homewear including some massive scarves, robes/ blankets for when you're pretending you’re on a Woodstock movie poster, and a burly black & tan patterned luggage bag, which you'll need if you plan on making a smooth getaway from The Perfect Crime…#2.



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