Put a beard on it

Published On 04/24/2012 Published On 04/24/2012

From a Philly artist with a major PDX crush (and not just the orange soda people drink because Sunkist is way too mainstream) comes this series of impressively funky prints available as t-shirts, hoodies, laptop covers, and phone cases. The Stumptown showstopper is "Portland = Beards," which sets a colorful city logo in a massive, Walt Whitman-style face-mane, with curled tips so detailed you'll swear you can see the maple bacon bar particles stuck in them.

Other items of particularly noted awesomeness include:

The Unicore: This psychedelic freakout shows a highly realistic unicorn split in half at the abdomen to reveal an oozing rainbow inside its body... and all this time you thought they were full of corn, and unitards!

The Summer of Melted Dreams: Five brightly colored popsicles melt into a collective puddle, bookended by a twin-sicle and a red, white, and blue Rocket Pop, the childhood over-consumption of which ensured that your own major crushes stayed exactly that.



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