Cormac McCarthy bleeds all over your chest

Published On 01/17/2012 Published On 01/17/2012

From a couple locals seeking to build a shirt empire inspired by their (kinda twisted) dreams, Sleazy Seagull puts out tees emboldened with pulpy WTF-ness and counter-culture characters from GG Allin to… Tom Hanks?... all cooked up thanks to a "schizophrenic need to say anything", aka "In Your Eyes" in your head (get it out!!). Some Sleazys, and where you might don them (aside from kickboxing practice):

The Shirt: I [Rat] Crispin Glover Where to Wear: Switching in a red rat for the iconic NY shirt’s heart, this guy's perfect for strolls along the Eastside Esplanade during scenic sewer overflow events.

The Shirt: Charles Bukowski slugging a beer Where to Wear: Bars, poetry slams, pubs, places where people have beards, watering holes, around Mickey Rourke if you are high-class Faye Dunaway, taverns.

The Shirt: My Tom Hanks Shirt Where to Wear: Flaunt this torso topper (featuring Gump with gorilla arms) to the latest Hanks blockbuster, where your snazzy tee will make up for your weeping being extremely loud and incredibly close to other moviegoers.