Rizumu Planet

DJs have inspired many things, from the birth of rap, to the birth of Valeri Bure's children with Candace Cameron, hopefully after she broke up with Steve. Now making sure you have a House...Full of DJ-inspired clothes, Rizumu Planet.RP's a line of tees and accessories inspired by DJ culture and Japanese fashion, started by a Pepperdine grad who initially wanted to be a fashion designer but wound up in the international marketing department at MGM, and the mailroom at ICM, before finally returning to his first love: not having to explain what those acronyms stand for. Graphic tees are graffiti-and-comic-book art inspired, with highlights like "Flashy" (a walking paparazzi camera), "Free Music", w/ a boombox behind bars; and the yoga-doing "Enlightened Alien" -- sit in that position long enough, and you too'll cross the bored-er. They've also got polos w/ a headphone logo on the left chest, a baseball cap w/ the same design on its side, and a few different mewelry pendant options, including a stainless steel ghetto blaster, a pair of Beats By Dre-looking 'phones, and a silver titanium robot that they say is "powered by soul", though for accuracy's sake, Miami's WNBA team featuring Marla Brumfield is actually spelled "Sol".They've also got ultra-angular, slim-fitting jackets and sweaters, and in the future they plan on getting into pants, but not getting into DJ's pants, as she is waiting for the right -- wait, why is she outside of prom with Viper, from Uncle Jesse's band??!? Steve, NOOOOO!!!