Choice wares in the East Village

Co-opting your steeze in high school and making it all about the dome, HDQTRS is the Vietnam-War-themed, vowel-hating, headwear-and-more shop from a dude who previously made you look aesthetically engaging over at 5&A Dime before deciding to cap things off (zing!) with his own shop in Dime's old space around the corner. Check out what's literally in store for you: The Space: Like Daniel Day-Lewis even back in his trailer, the place stays in character thanks to a back wall completely covered by a photo taken in-country by a Vietnam vet, a Nam-era field desk, ammo boxes, spent shell casings, M1 stocks sticking out of the walls, and grenades for door knobs. Hats: Stocking mostly baseball caps and beanies, the hard-to-come-by collection includes pieces from the OC's SKYHI, LA's Quintin, and NYC's Ssur, which is presumably a pretty Big deal. Tees: Ditch your No Fear gear for one of their logo'd numbers. Accessories: Currently stocking knit bow-ties from a designer in NYC, the collection's rapidly expanding to include watches, knives from DPx Gear, and shades from Brooklyn's CONTEGO.Grooming Products: Sourcing their smelly stuff from Santa Ana's Suavecito, you can get all Rico Suavecito with their classic pomade, Bay Rum After Bath, and Brilliantcream, aka what you said to yourself in high school after finally getting that dome.