A visual reference for the best race day ever

You know what's the best day of the year? Flag Day, obviously. But the second best day of the year is the day after Flag Day, when you get to take down all of those gross flags Opening Day at the Races, and it's coming up in just two weeks. So, you might ask, what do I need to do? Well, for one, you need to arrange transportation in case your mom has to work, so do it quickly and get one of the coveted spots on VAVi's buses, which includes round trip transpo (drinks and mixers on the bus! Also, restrooms!), discounted entrance to the VIP Coors Light party w/ food, private wagering windows, more restrooms, a DJ that will probably play that Gotye song, and more bonus stuff you can't even know about right now. And for two, you need to look at this pictorial adventure featuring our man (and noted sexy person-about-town) Mr. Wilson Phillips at Opening Day last year, plus hot ladies doing things so provocative and sexy, you'll soon be forced to wave the white flag in surrender.