Spring Threads

It's Springtime and love is in the air, or at least it would be if you weren't wearing such terrible pants. Lucky enough for you, we tagged in the boys at 5&A Dime to throw you way more than $5.10 worth of free style advice, in the form of one choice, casual-cool outfit so steezy you won't even care about them putting their Shwood on your face.

To guarantee you don't miss a thing, go ahead and click below to check out a sleek slideshow breakdown of the threads.

This cotton sateen number's a tribute to classic “utilitarian” work pants.

A collab with Lovewright, these classically styled work boots are spruced up with calfskin and time-tested Vibram outsoles.

From Loser Machine's foreboding aquatic division Dark Seas, this is a tee everyone can get hung up on.

This short sleeve number from UK-based Marshall Artist sports a classic rounded tip club collar for a look that says, "I'm more wanted than Plaxico Burress".

These zebrawood, P3-styled shades are also available in European walnut.

All pieces available at 5&A Dime.