The best Italian American collab since Domino's

Contrary to popular belief, it's not always sunny in SD...that show actually takes place in Philadelphia. But seriously, it's always sunny in San Diego too, so you should keep your eyes protected with help from Illesteva.

Designed by a pair of Big-Applers with production outsourced to Italy for their expert craftsmanship (though Sears also does a pretty good job), Labrabbit Optics' just landed Illest's new collection of contagious-in-a-good-way shades. Highlights for year-round ocular protection include:

Dear Mama Horn This diagonally lined dark-lensed horn will definitely make your "Dear Mama" proud -- unless you're 2Pac, in which case she's probably still pissed you don't hit her up as much as Biggie's wife... on the phone! Jeez, gross!

Howard Italian-handcrafted out of wood, this boxier model comes in a faded-lens, unstained "Classic" version, as well as a deep-stained sunset-lensed "Brown", no doubt because it provides the full eye coverage needed once you piss off Chris.

Leonard 2 Havana Rocking off-kilter triangles/metal accents, this bright tortoise-framed horn/ Wayfarer mashup is tinted lightly enough to wear indoors, though before you do, you might want to make sure you're not in a beer commercial.

Simply name-dropping Thrillist when ordering through May will get you ten percent off, a silver lining to the clouds that Chrissy Russo promises are sure to roll in sometime in the next six months... though in the meantime, you should probably look at all 289 images of her on Fox 5's site.