Fulfill all of your delivery pantasies

You know how when you order a pair of pants online they're delivered by a FedEx dude and not a guy in a giant inflatable pizzaiolo sumo suit? And worse: they come in some boring old shipping bag and not a pizza box? Well, no more, fair reader, thanks to Betabrand's one-time-only, just-for-friends-of-Thrillist Pizza Pantsa deal.Here's how it works: you order any of Bb's awesomely named pants (Sons of Britches! Geisha Cordarounds! Black Dress Pant Sweatpants!) by 10a on Friday, and a mustachioed -- in a Mario & Luigi way, not a ties-ladies-to-train-tracks way -- pizza chef in an inflated sumo suit will pull up to your apartment/office/Mike Tyson's Punch-Out-themed bar with a pizza box containing your same-day pants, which you'll probably get in blue or silver, because really, what can Brown do for you?