Because Gordon Hayward's not going to wear Russell Athletic

Pro athletes already do so much on the field, it's hard to believe they have time or energy for other stuff, and yet there goes Ray Lewis, killing dudes anyway...not because he has to, but because he wants to. From a pro hoopster with the time and energy to make killer... clothes too, Boom Tho, now available.Designed by a Cal-graduate professional baller (Korean Basketball League, what!) who still stands as the all-time leading rebounder in NBDL history, Boom Tho -- a phrase he coined back in college and describes as "an exclamation mark in words" -- is his new line of neon-colored wearables, now making its first real drop with a summer collection of tees, cycling caps, and tanks. Available in traditional sizes plus three NBA-specific "tall" ones (TL-TXXL), the upper torso wares include color/pattern variations on BT's signature logo -- a Sidney Deane-style flip-brim cap 'n shades -- plus other BT creations like a white cotton short-sleeve with a colorful depiction of the "Aboomidable Thoman", which previously hadn't been available yet(i). And to help you pull off his signature logo look, there're a pair of high-quality mesh bike caps (one with yellow highlights on black, the other in All-American red/white/blue), plus a pair of two-toned snapbacks that'll make a late-summer debut, unlike the Lakers, Magic, Celtics, and Spurs.You can snag the gear online at the Boom Tho Shop, or at Domefits in Berkeley, and be on the lookout for a post-summer drop of equally fly beanies, woven button-ups, and hoodies, though if they've recently been seen with a certain Ravens linebacker, you might not want to get in that limo.