A RTW flagship in 1 Embarcadero

Grand opening today in the FiDi, Fly blows out its mens boutique operation with a new ready-to-wear flagship on the second floor of 1 Embarcadero Center that'll feature Wolverine Footwear's first-ever shop-in-a-shop. And because good things come in pairs, they're also transforming Fly's 2.5yr-old downstairs digs into an all-bespoke space that'll tailor everything from dress shirts to cufflinks to a custom-leather'd chair like the one JFK sat in while banging like seventy different famous people dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. A preview of this awesome double dip:Upstairs:Rocking 4,500sqft of closet-worthy wearables, this Oregon- football- locker- room- sized shop'll rock all the classic duds you grew to love at their original storefront, from fine English socks, to fine fitting chinos, plus beef up its man-cessory offerings with larger buyables like Fuego's Modular Outdoor Grill (a six-unit mini kitchen with gas and infrared grills, a cook and warming unit, plus a bar attached to the back) and the aforementioned permanent Wolverine pop-up, which'll boast the largest stock of their shoes/boots outside of their Michigan headquarters, and Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Downstairs:Turning customization into an art form, this ground level Butler- basketball- locker- room- sized, mounted- walrus- head- equipped boutique will sport tailor-able shirts that can be extensively individualized (pick from 1,000 swatches, 28 collar options, a dozen cuff choices, and optional monogramming); slip-coverable smoking chairs that use suiting fabrics (from tweed to herringbone); trousers from Corbin (choose from cloth options that include a jeans-like cashmere wool); and the oh-so-awesome Gunlocke Washington Presidents Chair, a brand that cupped the butts of eight consecutive US presidents (and five of the last seven) which you can get in 100 different leathers, and 20 complementing woods, though now that he's more mature, he's hitting on 23yr-olds.