Coolest use of the Bank of Italy ever

Soft opening today (but more officially opening Friday) in the FiDi, Wingtip is the new greatest-menswear-store-of-all-time-ever from the Cal-graduated dude behind On The Fly, a flagship two-story-er set inside a 104yr-old historical landmark that once housed the Bank of Italy. The main floor's decked out in tons (literally) of the same marble Michelangelo (not the TMNT) used, with 25ft ceilings and the original solid brass bank teller windows where they'll keep a sweet 100yr-old cash register. Wondering which floor to hit first based on how loyal a customer you are? Thought so:For the Casual Customer: On the main floor of the building, they've taken advantage of the original space with a bank vault dedicated entirely to cufflinks and tie bars and other things you own one of, a barbershop with a $4000 Samuel Kline chair rocking marble arm rests, plus they'll carry a ridiculous number of high-end brands (some of which're displayed on craps tables), including Michael Toschi, Truefitt & Hill, Bills Khakis, and Wolverine Boots, which'll certainly add to your Mystique.For the Loyal Customer: Set to open later this month, the basement'll be turned into a bespoke shop (suits/shirts/hats/etc.) and use the brass safe deposit boxes to keep each customer's personal measurements and swatches, unless of course you can think of a Rocksteady-ier place to keep everything.