Underground fixed gear legends try retail

Entering a bike shop can be both overwhelming and disappointing: overwhelming, because there're hundreds of bikes to choose from, and disappointing because despite all that, they don't have a single Huffy unicycle with a dirt bike fender and pegs. For a much more manageable, less sucky b-shop experience from dudes who'd probably turn that cycle into a fixie, hit Mash Transit, now open.

Nestled inside an old coppersmith-ery in Duboce Triangle, MT's a Dutch-door'd, walnut-floored hideout for underground cyclists, installed by the videographer behind Mash SF -- a collection of biking dudes who're sort of rockstars in the fixie world having ridden the entire Tour of California last year sans Metal? gears. The shop stuffs custom wood/steel fixtures -- built by friends of the program -- with everything from curated bike-ssentials (locks, helmets, etc.), to signature gear (including their in-house, Mint Plaza-constructed MARTIN line of sweet button-ups, work pants, jeans, marine wool sweaters, and shorts), to Mash miscellany, like their king-making DVD, hardcover book, and ltd edition blown-up photography, which probably looked even better before the explosion. Bike-wise, they'll do performance maintenance from a service menu that'll range from simple fix-a-flats, to custom bike builds, plus hook up coveted deadstock, let you true your wheels on a hardwood-ed back porch, and weigh out your whip on two veggie 'n fruit produce scales in the shop's windows, which, after a while, probably won't open and'll have to be replaced by Macs.

Definitely follow them on Twitter @mashsf (they've been known to hide and post pics of $40 Victoria tires in trees in SF), or, best yet, join them for a real live road ride at 8a on Tuesdays at the shop with pre-cycling gratis coffee from De La Paz, and 2-3hrs of fixed fun, assuming you don't get all Huffy.