The local tee-slingers get a perma space downtown

The first permanent retail space from the 11yr-old tee-slinging shop with the same name, Oaklandish is a short-sleeve-porium in Downtown Oakland, carrying community-advocating, locally focused steez, crafts, and curiosities in a brick-heavy interior with a herringbone wood-back wall, though realistically, Shelvin Mack is probably higher on the Wizard's preseason depth chart than this "herringbone wood" character. The store's stocked with a boatload of tees (like a typefaced joint that says "STAY" with the A's logo inserted for the 'A') plus Etsy wares from Oakland-ites displayed on racks, and fixtures pulled from the Alameda flea market, and general all-around miscellany like a miniature toy BART train, presumably equipped with adorable matching miniature pee-stained seats.