It was a very good year... for looking good as hell.

Heller's Cafe: Heller's Cafe is a stunning range of wearable Americana patterned after authentic turn-of-the-century items...more

GNRL.QTRS: This locally produced menswear line puts a utilitarian twist on classic American gear...more

Asher Goods: The dudes behind AG've closed their similarly named Ballard spot and decamped for the Eastside where they're slinging high-end casual guy gear...more

Vim Beget: This line of harder-than-sterling German Silver mewelry is handmade by spinning/weaving individual rings into man-appropriate chains...more

Pladra: Created by a outdoorsman who says his favorite color is plaid, this Bay Area-based co. does just one thing: produce field-ready takes on Seattle's signature shirt...more