Because you can't bring a tuxedo to a tailgate

Do you ever look in your closet and think, "When did I buy all these velour turtlenecks?", and also, "Why don't I have a purple one-piece jumpsuit with a gold UW logo on the front?". Well, us neither, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't seriously consider snagging one of these Swagga Suits. For one, it stands for Sweet Washington Athletic Gear (Gone? Awesome?) and was developed by UW students during 13.5hrs locked in a room together. And for two, it's a purple one-piece jumpsuit with a gold UW logo on it. Anyway, just in case not everyone in Seattle attended UW, here's a breakdown of just why you'd purchase this thing, according to the college you did attend: You went to Washington: Great! Because these things are actually made for people who went to Washington. So, this is extremely fortuitous for everyone.You went to Washington State: Great! Just fill the suit up with Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, and Sugar Daddies to turn it into a pinata. Then knock the crap out of it before a game using wiffle ball bats and (hopefully reclaimed wood) two-by-fours. You went to some other college: Great! Assuming it starts with a W. And has purple and gold colors.