Ancient Romans used to say that to do two things at once is to do neither, which explains why the Greeks were so much better at orgies. For togas that're also doing two things at once, Outlier. Outlier was launched outta Brooklyn by two cycling enthusiasts intent on turning out performance pedal-wear in highly technical fabrics (all made in small NYC factories) classically styled to keep you looking "fresh and clean" no matter where you are, and being released via a gradual roll out, even if that does seem kind of Ludacris. Their most recent stuff includes: Storm King Shell Parka: This hip length jacket boasts multiple zippered vents, as well as a high-visibility hood, and is made from a 21st century take on "a nearly forgotten World War II fabric" called Supermarine, also the name of the new Mario game, in which the plumber is mercilessly chastised for his weight, facial hair, and preference for overalls favored by lame Navy midshipmen. Supermarine Rain Shirt: While not waterproof to government spec, this densely draped cotton button-down is highly water resistant but is "a b**ch to take care off" -- it's recommended you "sponge clean only", which is the exact wording of the notes Howard Hughes left himself on the milk bottles he peed in. 4Season OG Pant: The latest version of their classic bike-to-work pant, these slightly stretchy gam covers boast self-cleaning NanoSphere technology, and are constructed using a durable yet soft doubleweave, which Bobby Knight incorporated in his final years at Indiana, along with the "Kick out my son's chair while he sits in it and everyone watches". Other gear includes v-neck tees in ultra-fine Merino wool, a patent pending Pivot Sleeve button-down in "blazed cotton", and accessories like caps and a ribbed scarf made with Merino wool from New Zealand that measures six feet, the same number required for what the Greeks call a "good start".